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Why us?

Our product is demanded widely for its simply unmatched taste, because we never use heat in processing and source the young green tender coconuts from sole origin. Our people are dedicated to serve candid openness at a professional level and stay true to our basic roots and values by adhering to the set industry standards of food safety. Further, the allied support of logistics companies helped us to carve a niche in the industry by distributing the elixir of life across the country in its unadulterated stage.

  • The Dream
  • It all started with dreams of starting with special; if there is one thing we can contribute in this life, it is to inspire people to do more and do better. A dream of perfectly pure coconut water.

    We're passionate about finding ways to help everyone achieve the balance they need throughout the day, and think Nariyal Cool coconut water hydration benefits can be one small step towards that balance, whether you seek them out in your cubicle, at the kitchen table, after a run, or in a moment to yourself.

    People have long been exploring the body's need for Coconut water, the electrolytes you've been told to guzzle whenever you're sick.

    So we decided in one way to help People needs to remain your individual well hydrated.

    We fantasized about capturing the delicate flavor of a freshly-opened young coconut. And then we set about making it a reality.

  • The People
  • We are blessed to have a team of dedicated visionaries who have combined their expertise to help us achieve our intended goals and passion to produce what we believe is the most soulful, authentic coconut water in the world.

  • The food processing sector
  • The food processing sector has not paid due attention to diversification and value addition to coconut, coconut products and by Products. The coconut processing therefore traditionally remained confined to copra Production, oil extraction manufacturer of desiccated coconut, coir and coir products. Even though. India 's the third largest coconut growing country in the world, i. contribution to international market remains Insignificant. Inspite of the slow growth in coconut industry, all round efforts made for integrated development of coconut sector in the areas of production, processing and marketing after establishment of a statutory body, the Coconut Development Board, by the Government of India in the year 1981, are appreciable.