Coconut water has been consumed for centuries in tropical countries and is believed to treat a variety of health-related ailments. Coconut water is incredibly healthy and one of the best drinks to hydrate the body. Besides helping to remove toxins from the body and aiding digestion, coconuts have amazing anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties.

We are known as one of the manufacturers and suppliers offering best quality of Tender coconut water. Nariyal Cool provides the nature's most refreshing drink, coconut water consumed worldwide for its nutritious and health benefiting properties. Coconut water is processed under the guidance of skilled professionals using ultra-modern technology and optimum quality coconut as per the set industry norms. Moreover, this Coconut water is highly acknowledged for its fat-free, cholesterol-free and optimum purity.

Nariyal Cool is offering Coconut water more handy, convenient, easy to carry and easy opening pouch packaging to cater the demands as per the customer need. No more carrying heavy tender coconuts from outside. The packing helps in keeping the range fresh and unadulterated. With less added preservatives. Further, we also refrigerate our products to retain its original taste and safe from bacteria.

Nariyal Cool can be one small step towards that balance, whether you seek them out in your cubicle, at the kitchen table, after a run, or in a moment to yourself. Coconut water is pure, organic, raw, young, and fresh the ultimate thirst quencher and offers a tasty alternative to water.

Nariyal Cool aims to offer high quality products in attractive packages which are easy to use and eco-friendly to dispose of. These can be easily carried to any destination of your choice. Apart from keeping you good hydrated, coconut water is a natural isotonic drink, rich in vitamins, minerals including calcium, magnesium and phosphorous that will take all round care of your health. We're passionate about finding ways to help everyone achieve the balance they need throughout the day, coconut water can be the start of something good .A good choice, good hydration, maybe even part of a good life that includes a balanced diet and exercise.

Quality & Taste

Nariyal cool is 100% pure coconut water, with absolutely no added sugar, less preservatives or colourings. In fact, we don’t add anything at all to our coconut water – it’s just as nature intended.

Why Coconut Water

A Nariyal cool naturally isotonic beverage with the same level of electrolyte balance as we have in our blood... It’s the fluid of life.

Natural Soft Drink

"Combining the finest micro-filtered coconut water with a modern aesthetic, Nariyal Cool is inspired by the coconut water that we proudly champion."


With so many benefits on the offer, enjoying Nariyal Cool, Coconut water is one of the preferred ways to stay active and healthy. It comes as no surprise that health and medical professionals are encouraging people to have coconut water on a daily basis for it is completely safe to have it under normal health conditions as well. This incredibly hydrating water is rich in potassium, electrolytes, contains zero fat and zero cholesterol.


Our product is demanded widely for its simply unmatched taste, because we never use heat in processing and source the young green tender coconuts from sole origin. Our people are dedicated to serve candid openness at a professional level and stay true to our basic roots and values by adhering to the set industry standards of food safety. Further, the allied support of logistics companies helped us to carve a niche in the industry by distributing the elixir of life across the country in its unadulterated stage.

It all started with dreams of starting with special; if there is one thing we can contribute in this life, it is to inspire people to do more and do better. A dream of perfectly pure coconut water.

We are blessed to have a team of dedicated visionaries who have combined their expertise to help us achieve our intended goals and passion to produce what we believe is the most soulful, authentic coconut water in the world.

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